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Massage Vibes LLC

ReLeaf Oil - a pain relieving Massage and Full Body Oil 

The First CBD LMT in NYC

Massage Vibes introduces CBD massage to NY1, who in turn introduced Massage Vibes to NYC!

Massage Vibes LLC is set to be the leading brand in CBD Cannabis Massage and Products.

What should you tell your LMT before the massage?

To ensure you have a great massage experience the first thing you should do is communicate openly with your LMT about any previous ailments, surgeries or areas of concern. Nothing is too insignificant.  

You will disrobe to your comfort level; but  you will need to take off your bra for a full effective back massage. You will NEVER be fully exposed, only the body parts that are being worked on will be uncovered. 

 Drink plenty of water post massage to assist in the flushing of toxins that were just released from the muscles via the massage.  

And no, you do not have to rinse off the oil..let your skin drink in all of its benefits. 

And lastly, ask questions, any good therapist will be more than happy to help you understand anything you are concerned about. 

How to schedule a massage with Massage Vibes.

Send us an email or shoot us a text message and let us help you start feeling better now. 

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